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   About us

Go Frais sprl is a Belgian-based company. 

Go Frais is a company with a goal to promote healthier eating and greater consumption of fruit and vegetables, by making and selling original nutritional-controlled fresh juice and smoothies.

We have established different routes of promoting our products including, direct selling healthy products to consumers in our shops, providing fresh juices and smoothies to companies commercial and social events.


No added sugar

No preservatives

No coloring

No artificial flavor


A bit of story


The industrial production of food on a global scale has reached an alarming level in regards to quality and traceability of consumer products. In a world increasingly focused on profit, it has been observed many times that the health and well being of consumers is unfortunately sacrificed. 

With an experience in the selection of the best quality and tasty fruits. We want customers to enjoy our products with a Feeling of Greatness.

Our care is to offer to each consumer a combination of dietary properties and good taste.


Juices :
Refreshingly Natural

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Quality Ingredients

Our natural Smoothies are mixtures made of tasty fruits such as : bananas, passion fruit, strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, raspberries and much more.

The smoothies are prepared without addition of any other substance or conservative. So that you can enjoy the real flavour of the fruits and your body enjoys the natural nutrients.

Our green smoothies are the freshest and healthiest way to enjoy high natural vitamins and fiber. It is a great way to eat your veggies without even realizing it. The smoothie will provide you with a lasting source of energy.
It will help you to digest and clean up your body.